Most FAQ about the Monolye UV Light Sanitizer

What is UV-C and how does it work? – Ultraviolet light is a wavelength longer than x-rays and shorter than visible light. Furthermore, ultraviolet light is a form of electromagnetic radiation, split into a multiple of ranges: UV-A; UV-B; and UV-C. UV-A and UV-B wavelengths penetrate the earth’s ozone layer and are present within the atmosphere. However, UV-C is too short of a wavelength to penetrate the ozone layer, therefore is rarely present on earth. To combat this, products such as the Monolye UV Light Sanitizer have been produced , creating a source of UV-C that can break molecular bonds in the DNA of viruses and bacteria, rendering them useless, effectively destroying them and protecting your home from harmful viruses. This is especially useful for any vulnerable people with compromised immune systems.

Why should I not use a traditional method? – Of course you want to stay safe and clean, so maybe you use antibiotic wipes or soaps. Unfortunately, these will eventually run out, and do not kill viruses. You could choose to bleach your items, but who is realistically going to do that; leaking into keyboards or phone screens, corroding away at surfaces. Lets not mention the hassle of using gloves and goggles when handling bleach. The Monolye UV Light Sanitizer was created in order to stop the hassle, and reliably eliminate viruses and bacterias with UV-C, rendering reproduction. The ABS material used will last a long time, as long as handled with care.

Isn’t UV light dangerous? – The Monolye UV Light Sanitizer emits UV-C, as opposed to UV-A and UV-B which can cause skin cancer on long exposure. However, UV-C is short wave (280-100nm) ultraviolet light, which breaks apart viral and bacterial DNA, preventing its function or reproduction, meaning it is germicidal.  UV-C can harm human eyes, therefore it is recommended that you do not stare directly into the UV-C lights on the wand. However UV-C has no strong connection to causing skin cancer or any other types of cancer, meaning that the Monolye UV Light Sanitizer is the option you need in order to protect yourself from viruses, bacteria, and the struggles of traditional methods of sterilization.

How does the product work? – The product is so easy to use, simply turn the switch on and hover over the surface with the UV light facing towards the surface, at a 5-10cm distance for the best sterilization effect.